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How To Store Your Lithium Ion Batteries And Save Money!

The power of the ion lithium battery somewhat rules our lives. Lithium batteries are in our cell phones, cameras, car remotes, tablets, and calculators among other important life devices. When we are not using our ion lithium batteries, or we have to store extra batteries for no interruption, what is the safest way how to store lithium-ion batteries? Here are several tips and guidelines to help you take the best care of your lithium-ion batteries.

Heat Zaps the Power

Like people, too much heat wears an ion battery out. When you are thinking about how to store lithium ion batteries long term, you want to think about temperature. The place where you choose to store your ion battery should be no more than 65 degrees. Battery makers always store their batteries at 60 degrees. 60 degrees is ideal. Too much heat messes with the technology of the battery. 60 degrees is the best temperature how to store lithium-ion batteries. You can always buy a thermometer to make sure the place you choose to store your batteries is the proper temperature.

Ion Battery Storage

Thinking about how to properly store lithium-ion batteries, you want to think about the partial charge. You want to keep you ion lithium battery at about a 40 % charge. The 40% is creating stability within the battery. This stability allows the battery to maintain the longest life possible. Most devices nowadays will tell you about how much your battery is charged. Just check the percentage before you unhook your battery for storage. You just do not want to store a dead battery. This does not help the life of the battery

Storing Unused Ion Batteries

If you have unused lithium-ion batteries, you want to store them properly. In how to store unused lithium ion batteries, you want to think no more than 10 years. make sure that the area is dry. You also still want the battery to be charged at 40% for long-term storage. If the battery drops too low it goes into a type of sleep mode. Make the battery is in a plastic container or box where only you can get to it. You do not want dust, bugs, or anything else getting to the battery.

Fully Discharge Batteries

A lithium battery is best charged in frequent small charges. The battery does not know when and how much charge you give it. It has no memory sp to speak. A lithium battery works better when you charge it back up after partial use. Some people think by draining the battery completely, it saves the battery. In reality, this is actually worse for lithium ion batteries. Go ahead and charge up after the battery has drained only half way. This type of charging is great for your ion battery.


Overcharging an ion lithium battery is harmful to the battery. The battery is prone to rise in temperature when you overcharge the battery. You want to be very aware as you are charging your devices and their ion batteries. You want to for sure unplug that battery as soon as it is fully charged. A couple of times of overcharge is not going to long term harm the battery. If you continue to overcharge your ion lithium battery, you will weaken the battery. This just results in having to buy another battery. Manu people these days like to leave their cell phones charging long after the battery has already been charged. You want to unplug your cell phone as soon as it is fully charged.

Ion Battery Lifespan

If unused, a lithium ion battery can be stored for the ten years, but the lifespan of a lithium ion battery is about two years. This two-year timeline is continual use. If you store your battery and do not use it all the lifespan of course lengthens. Some people may get a little more and others may get a little less. These discrepancies happen as a result of how well you take care of your lithium ion battery. A battery can take approximately a little under 300 charges.

Wait to Buy An Extra Battery

If you do not need an extra lithium ion battery, then wait. It is better to just buy a fresh battery when you need it. You can store a lithium battery for ten years, but if you do not need to, just wait. You always want to check the expiration date on the batteries you buy. If you buy from eBay or and discount place especially. If you really don’t need an extra battery, just wait until you do need another one. This way you will get the freshest expiration date on your battery.

Power Down

Until someone comes up with a solution where we do not have to concern ourselves with charging and storing lithium batteries, we must treat the batteries well. Powering down your battery after it is charged is a good idea. If you can charge your battery before you go to bed from a partial charge, you will help your battery. This probably disputes your charge overnight habits, but we usually are home at night for hours before we go to bed. If you can get into the habit of charging your phone and then powering down before you go to bed, this is good.

The power of the ion battery helps power our lives. We want to have our battery devices when we need them. If you take a little time to follow these battery storing and charging guidelines, you will be helping yourself. These tips and guidelines will help you best take care of your lithium-ion batteries when they are in and out of your devices. Whether you travel, go to school, work a lot, or just stay home and love your technology, you want the best for your lithium-ion batteries. Take the time to treat the lithium-ion batteries right.

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