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NiCd vs NiMH Whats the best battery to buy for your camera?

Which Battery to Buy For Your Digital Camera NiCd or NiMHmh?

When you are traveling, you want a digital camera battery to last long. Two of the most popular kinds of batteries for this are NiCD vs NiMH. But which one is more efficient and the better choice. It is in looking at the specs of nicad batteries and NiMH batteries which will make this decision a little easier.

What are nicad batteries?

Nicad or NiCd batteries are batteries you have probably seen in electronic you have bought. They are normally wrapped in yellow in bundles found in the battery space of your item. NiCd batteries are one form of rechargeable batteries. Nicd stands for nickel-cadmium battery. NiCd batteries use metallic cadmium and nickel oxide hydroxide to help power the batteries for your tech device usage. The combination makes for a great ability to hold a superior capacity for things like power tools and lighting.

What are NiMH batteries?

Nimhs are the more recognizable rechargeable batteries. Duracell and Energizer both sell forms of NiMH rechargeable batteries in Walmart or your local grocery store. Nihm uses a nickel hydroxide oxide along with a negative charge hydrogen absorbing alloy. These materials are where the power comes from in a nimh battery.

A Deeper Look at NiCD vs NiMH Batteries

There are several differences associated with nimh vs NiCd batteries. When it comes to nimh versus nicd batteries the big difference is the environmental impact. The cadmium in the nicd battery is a heavy toxic metal that has to properly disposed of. There is a fee for disposing of nicd batteries. In Europe, only certain professionals can use the nicd batteries. On the other hand, a nimh battery can be placed in the trash, but it is much more productive to recycle them. You can do this by looking up where you can drop the nimhs. There are usually local places willing to take the batteries. You can usually send the batteries to recycling places through the mail as well.

Energy Output

When it comes to power, which battery gives off more digital time on your camera? With power, the nimh versus nicd debate is that the nimh has a larger capacity but for devices that do not need a stronger power source. The nicd are better for a device that needs more power. Nimh drains much faster than the nicd.

Cost Differences

If you are looking at the price of nicd vs nimh than nicd is the less expensive choice. Nimh is much easier to come by in the store. There is not a drastic difference in price between these two batteries. The more important question is what exactly do you need the battery for. You want to buy the right battery for your needs. The few dollar difference is not that big of a deal.

Can You Recondition Batteries?

It is possible to save money and extend the life of your batteries. You only want to do this if you know what you are doing. According to the article Battery Reconditioning– How To Recondition Batteries at Home Guide at you need a voltmeter, distilled water, and a battery reconditioning charger to begin to be able to recondition your batteries at home. Check out the website for full details on battery reconditioning. make sure you know what you are doing and have the right tools before attempting this yourself.

Memory Effect

There is always a debate on how to properly charge a battery. Memory effect does not occur so much in the nimh. The nicd have a bit of a memory. What does this mean for you? If you charge a nicd the same way many times it starts remembering so to speak the place at which it initially is recharging from. This cause the voltage of the battery to drop over time. After some time the battery will appear as dead. This means you will no longer be able to charge the battery unless you have the battery fixed. You can also just buy a new battery. This is what most people do.


It always good to slow charge rechargeable batteries. You always want to make sure that you do not overcharge your batteries. The overcharging messes with the mechanics of the inside. This messing overtime shortens the life of your battery. Not properly charging rechargeable batteries makes the power you get from the battery less and less.

Make sure that you follow the directs of your rechargeable charger. You also want to watch the indicator lights on the chargers. These lights tell you when to remove the batteries so they do not overcharge.

The nickel-cadmium batteries and the nihm both have their specific purposes. Of course, the ion lithium has taken over the jobs a lot of these two older rechargeable batteries. They are still widely used and appreciated. You never know when you need these batteries. Make sure you are very clear on what you need to use the batteries for This will make your choice of which of these two batteries easy to make.

Where to Buy Batteries?

You also want to buy from a reputable company. You do not want to get stuck with batteries that do not work. You can always go to the store right around the corner or go on eBay for specific types of batteries. Research the reviews for wherever you buy your batteries.

There are plenty of places that can sell batteries that look like they work, but by the time you, get them there is no charge to them. This no charge can happen even after you have waited for them on a charger for the specific amount of time for a full charge. It is good to ask other people you know who have had successful experiences with their battery providers.

We need out batteries. Maybe one day someone will make a battery we never need to charge. Until then we are lucky to have good options from which to choose from. Most important remember is to always dispose of your worn out batteries properly.

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