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Hi, I'm David H. Johnson, Atto

Hi, I'm David H. Johnson, Attorney at Law. For over 30 years, I have been helping people who are in legal trouble. As a partner in the Fort Collins-based law firm Liggett, Johnson and Goodman, P.C., I’ve learned a lot about the people in the northern Colorado area.
In particular, most clients I see are great people that just made a bad choice. I began my career in 1986 where I served as a deputy district attorney in the 8th Judicial District in Larimer County, Colorado.
After gaining extensive experience prosecuting criminal cases, I began my own private practice in 1993. My law practice focuses on criminal defense and personal injury law. In 1995, I became a partner at Liggett, Johnson and Goodman, P.C. Our law firm is just two blocks from the beautiful Colorado State University campus on Canyon and Whitcomb, just north of Mulberry Street.
With extensive knowledge in negotiation and my trial experience, I am in the perfect position to help you when you’re facing criminal charges, DUI/DWAI, or domestic violence. I understand that your situation is unique. I look forward to discussing with you how I can assist you with your legal needs. As a compassionate advocate, I will work tirelessly as we strive to reach a successful outcome in court.
419 Canyon Ave, Ste 226
Fort Collins, Colorado
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