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Upcycled Fountain Into A Succulent Garden2018-8-6 12:09:14 I found this broken fountain abandoned on a curb. I upcycled it into a succulent garden. It turned out beautiful!! You can se... Online Shop For Ornaments2018-1-7 13:44:17 The History of Pearl use in Jewelry2018-1-9 00:15:14 Pearls are one of nature's greatest miracles. Generally considered as the world’s oldest gem, pearls have been treasured sinc... Simulated Pearls vs Natural Pearls2018-1-9 00:15:14 Like all precious things pearls a shining example of style and sophistication which showcase the exquisite example of refinem... Jewellery Fashion Through the Ages2018-1-9 00:15:15 Ancient world jewellery During the ancient times, jewellery is a universal form of adornment and was made from shells, stone ... Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Pendant Necklaces2018-1-9 22:15:44 Pearl necklace are some of the most classic pieces of jewellery available in the market. They are different from gemstones si... Know the Inside Story of Pearl Pendants2018-1-9 22:15:45 Pearls have always been a desirable piece of jewel among women of all ages. But what surprises one and all is that, where do ... How Are Cultured Pearls Made2018-1-10 00:15:58 Nothing better describes how precious pearls are than the myth about Cleopatra dissolving a large pearl in vinegar and drinki... Why Wall Murals Might Be the Breath of Fresh Air Your Room Needs2018-1-11 00:15:46 Wall murals are the perfect antidote to a room that has become completely boring, bland and well, underwhelming. Maybe it’s b... How a DIY Canvas Can Give Your Home a Personal Touch2018-1-11 00:15:47 Canvas paintings are an incredibly simple yet effective way to spruce up your home, especially if you’re on a tight budget. I... Square Hex Double Spike Bracelet by Joy Wignall2018-1-11 14:03:09 Swarovski Spike Beads are here and we’re the first UK retailer to stock them! Choose from three shapes with a 1-hole and 2-ho... What Is A Tungsten Carbide Ring And Why Should You Care?2018-1-13 00:23:11 If like myself you wear your wedding ring with a reasonable amount of reckless abandonment you’ll no doubt know they lose the... The Different Types of Pearl Necklace2018-1-13 00:23:11 Pearl necklaces are a popular form of jewellery and there are many types and colours to choose from. They are graded by the s... Guide to Bridal Pearls2018-1-13 00:23:12 For many, wearing a strand of pearls or a pearl choker necklace on your wedding day is a time honoured tradition, but where d... Diamond Engagement Rings Alternatives2018-1-13 00:23:12 If you’re planning on proposing to that special person in your life or be proposed to, you’ll have no doubt looked at the sel... Faux Wood Whale Wall Art2018-1-13 18:35:09 Let me start by saying how much my daughter loves sea life. Her bedroom is dedicated to Dolphins, Driftwood and Beach life. T... Pearls One of the Worlds Most Valuable Natural Jewels2018-1-13 20:23:17 From the beginning of time pearls were the most coveted of jewels, from the Pharaohs to the Aztec empire. Mystical beautiful ... Buying Pearl Jewelry - What To Look For2018-1-13 20:23:18 Pearls usually add an aura of beauty and sophistication to virtually any outfit, whether it's a woman's evening dress, a brid...
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