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The Lighting Center
The Best LED Replacement for a 1000-Watt Metal Halide Bulb 2018-7-31 15:00:44 In the past, whenever a commercial space or a large indoor space needed to be illuminated, the first lighting option contract... The Lighting Center 2018-2-1 19:34:17 LED Lighting Wholesale Site for Electrical Contractors Common LED Retrofit FAQs 2018-2-8 18:17:23 Once someone has discovered retrofitting as a completely viable option for upgrading their existing lighting system, there of... Industrial LED Lighting for Warehouses 2018-5-7 21:53:25 Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures to Consider for Your Warehouse Industrial offices typically are huge in size. As a result, t... How to Retrofit a 400W HID Fixture 2018-6-25 18:24:24 You’ve heard that switching to energy efficient lighting can save money. But where to start? Old 400 Watt HID (Metal-Halide a... The Best LED Bulb to Replace a 400-Watt Metal Halide Lamp 2018-7-30 19:00:51 While many companies, lighting specialists, and facility managers now use LED technology, it is not uncommon to see metal hal... High Bay vs Low Bay Lights In Comparison 2018-2-6 18:17:11 Heavy duty lighting projects, list those often done in large buildings such as warehouses, factories, and processing plants, ... 5 Things You Should Know When Changing to LED Technology 2018-8-1 19:01:09 It is no secret that LEDs are much better for the environment than their HID counterparts. But some companies and manufacture... 3 Ways Changing Parking Lot Lighting Can Enhance Business And Which Lights Are Best 2018-8-1 19:01:10 You may not know it, but poor parking lot lighting may be costing you business – lots of it. Visitors, customers, and prospec... Buying LED Conversion Kits? Here Are 3 Things to Consider 2018-8-13 20:04:06 After deciding to make the switch to LED technology, the next step is choosing between retrofitting and a full fixture replac... When Does It Make Sense to Switch to LED Technology? 2018-8-13 20:04:07 LEDs have overtaken conventional lights for many reasons: long lifespans, decreased energy consumption, better light output, ... A Buyers Guide to Wall Pack Lights 2018-8-14 21:29:31 Wall pack lights, which also go by the name exterior building lights, are lights that are mounted on the exterior walls of bu...
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