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Lyme Disease Stories: Liz2018-6-14 18:43:10 Liz shares her Lyme Disease experience and how she was able to find hope and recovery from her debilitating symptoms. Liz’s b... Infusio2018-3-16 14:20:58 We have taken healing out of the doctor's office and placed it into a spa-like ambiance while skillfully combining the best o... Renee Infusio Lyme Program Patient Stories2018-3-29 21:44:26 Heidi elaborates on her journey and experience with the Infusio Lyme Treatment Program, and discusses her mindset on healing.... 7 Principles in Overcoming Lyme Disease2018-3-30 09:49:13 If you have Lyme disease, you have probably been to doctors and may even have been diagnosed with several different condition... Ninon Lyme Disease Stories2018-3-30 19:34:09 Ninon, who is in her 6th month post stem cell treatment, discusses how Infusio has hepled to bring her relief her many sympto... Victoria Lyme Disease Stories2018-3-30 22:59:05 Victoria is here for her 100 day follow up, which is going well so far. Approximately two years after being infected, and aft... Lisa Lyme Disease Stories2018-3-31 00:06:11 Lisa contracted tick-borne illness years ago when she was only sixteen years old. Throughout High School and early adulthood ... Lyme Disease Stories: Philip2018-4-2 20:07:08 Phil, was diagnosed with Lyme and co-infection twenty years ago. When there seemed to be no hope, he knew he had to do someth... Lyme Disease Stories: Leigh Ann2018-4-2 20:32:11 Leigh Ann in for ACT and follow up after stem cells is doing well. She has been feeling better and better after receiving ste... Stromal Vascular Fraction The Magic Juice2018-4-17 18:14:36 Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but don’t let that stop you from considering its many be... Living With Lyme Disease2018-5-4 22:29:32 The Lyme Epidemic Until recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that approximately 30,000 cases... Cancer Stories of Hope: Karen2018-6-7 20:42:15 Karen shares her experience battling cancer and finally finding hope at Infusio. Karen had stage IIIB cervical cancer which m... Autoimmune Disease Awareness2018-6-8 00:50:19 The immune system is the human body’s most important line of defense against the many infection-causing pathogens that we enc... Beginners Guide to Regenerative Medicine2018-3-26 21:33:57 Ever since modern medicine began, it has focused on surgery, replacement, and management. If patients had a blown-out knee, d... 5 Types of Stem Cells and Where They Come From2018-6-28 00:31:40 Stem cells first came to the attention of the general public some years ago, when a political battle over federal funding of ... Lyme Success Stories: Didier Cohen2018-9-17 19:01:25 When asked how he survived over a decade of debilitating Lyme symptoms before his diagnosis and treatment, Didier Cohen credi... Enhancements to the Integrative Lyme & Cancer Programs2018-9-18 03:31:56 Innovation, Always: Exciting Enhancements to Lyme & Cancer Programs at Infusio The need for natural and non-toxic therapies h... Lyme Success Stories: Karens Lyme Disease Recovery Story2018-9-18 19:44:45 nbsp; Karen’s illness came on suddenly. She woke up one day unable to move or eat, stabbing pain made walking impossible, and...
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