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2018-3-29 15:03:30
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Eukanuba dog food

Dog being carnivores require healthy food to maintain their health and promote their growth. If you want your little puppy to grow into a healthy dog, you need to feed him the right food. There are dozens of topmost food items available for the dogs in the market and Eukanuba dog food is one of them. You can find it in the store market shelves or buy it online from their official website.

This dog food brand manufactures high-quality food products for the dogs and cats since the late nineties. Recently in the year, 2014 Procter and Gamble sold the company to Mars, Inc which is now the owner and manufacturers of Eukanuba dog food.

Types of dog food:

The brand manufactures up to 40 different products among which the dog foods are widely sold throughout the world. The dog food is designed to fulfill the needs of all kinds of animal. From small to medium, large and giant breed size; dog food suits the diet needs of all the different breed dogs.

The food type also depends on the age of the dog. Food for both puppies and adult dog is available. If your dog weighs more, you can give him the weight control diet and fulfill his daily required nutritional needs through it. Another plus point of this food brand is that it offers dog food for dogs with sensitive skin, digestive tract, joints, and those with other diseases. The idea behind the product is to facilitate every kind of dog and the owner. By producing a variety of food, the brand helps different types of dogs survive in the tough environment they are living in.

High-quality of food!

The Eukanuba dog food is available in both the bag and canned food forms. They are available in dry and wet variety. Some of the cans are packed with gravy material made from chicken and beef. The brand assures that once you fill the dog food bowl with the little pieces/ kibbles of food, it will be empty soon in a short while.

Ingredients of the food:

Dogs all around are addicted to the quality taste of the product and have shown healthy growth outcomes as well. The main ingredient of the food is the animal protein most likely the chicken or the lamb. Along with this, the food contains salt, natural flavor, and loads of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, B, and E are present in each food in sufficient quantity. The ingredients added to special diet food for the dogs with special conditions are adjusted accordingly.

Benefits of Eukanuba dog food:

  1. The variety of food offers better digestion owing to their fabulous ingredients (prebiotics) and prevents the build-up of tartar.
  2. The food formula is tested against great criteria. This ensures that the food items strengthen the dog’s immunity and helps him fight against infections. The rich quantity of anti-oxidants helps in doing so.
  3. The food is capable of building the dog’s lean muscles to promote optimal dog body growth.






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