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2018-4-28 08:44:11
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Dating Site Review: Is AmoLatina A Scam?

In over ten years, AmoLatina has made countless successful matches. It is perhaps one out of a handful of online dating websites that need no introduction.

Despite its published success, there’s still plenty of speculation online, asking “Is AmoLatina a scam?”

With numerous tragic stories of failed online love on the internet, it’s an inevitable question that you will find the answer to in today’s article.

What is AmoLatina?

In case you’re not familiar with it, AmoLatina is a premium communications platform with a majority of its members residing in Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Despite this, the website isn’t exclusive to just those with a Latin-American descent. The dating site is open internationally, so Westerners interested in dating Latin matches will be able to do so with ease.

The dating service was first started in 1993 by a Russian-American couple who was inspired by their own long-distance success story. Their match-making tactics were more traditional at first, but after a couple of years in operation, they decided to create an online platform to innovate together with the changing times and reach a wider market.

Today, AmoLatina has over one million active members who continuously exchange over a million messages daily. In addition, the company has expanded its reach to several other countries.

Is it safe to online date through AmoLatina?

Now, let’s address the question of whether it is safe to date through AmoLatina or not.

The first thing that you should know is that member safety is one of the major priorities of the dating website. It doesn’t just continually develop its features and strengthen its marketing efforts to improve user experience. It also places a good amount of importance on developing its systems to safeguard members’ information.

AmoLatina’s Safety Measures

As mentioned, the AmoLatina team is hard at work protecting its members from scams and phishing. To give you a good idea about the security procedures operating behind AmoLatina, here’s a list you can check below:

1. Profile Checking

Don’t be surprised if most of the profiles you encounter on AmoLatina are well-constructed and with plenty of stunning photos. The AmoLatina team aids members in putting their best foot forward. They encourage those who are active on the site to improve their profile and photos by suggesting minor changes and improvements.

2. Profile Confirmation

Potential members have to first register and enter their personal details. As an added safety measure, AmoLatina’s team checks the identity of every suspicious user on the site. Team members will also check for any suspicious behavior or complaints from other users, verify this information and ask a member to confirm their profile.

3. Site Activity Monitoring

The AmoLatina safety team is monitoring all the activities that members are doing on the site. Monitoring members’ activities ensures that no suspicious exchanges and transactions are happening on the dating site.

4. Security System Upgrading

Remember, AmoLatina is a premium dating website which means that you need to purchase membership and credits to use its features. Rest assured, sensitive information such as your credit card details will remain confidential and safe with the use of firewalls and other physical facilities. AmoLatina ensures that their security system is regularly upgraded to further safeguard the information that members input on the site.

5. Clearly Stated Privacy Policy

To avoid misunderstandings and maintain a good level of transparency with current members, AmoLatina makes its Privacy Policy accessible to everyone. If you want to know how your personal information is used and whether it gets shared with third parties, scroll to the footer of the website and access the policy statement.

6. Sharing Information About Online Scams

One of the best ways to prevent dating scams from happening is for us to educate ourselves. We need to know what the red flags are so we can spot them easily. We also need to understand how scams work so we know if we are putting ourselves in a vulnerable situation.

AmoLatina shares information like this through the website, informing members of the kinds of scams that could happen. They also create other forms of content like the video below which informs members and potential members of AmoLatina’s security measures.

Common Questions

By now you should be well acquainted with the different safety measures and procedures that the AmoLatina team does. Let’s move on to common questions that users often ask to ensure the website’s legitimacy:

1. Why am I getting a lot of messages from different members even if I haven’t completed my profile yet?

The best answer to this would be “Let’s Mingle.” This is a unique feature of It allows members to send messages to a good number of people who meet their preferences. For example, if you’re going to use “Let’s Mingle”, the site will ask you what your preference is (i.e. women from ages 20-35). Then, the site will send a message to all women that fit that category.

If you’re receiving lots of messages from people you don’t know, you might have fallen into the category of another member who is using the “Let’s Mingle” feature. That’s why you’re getting messages even if you haven’t completed your dating profile yet.

2. Why am I not allowed to exchange information with other members?

If you want to share personal information with another member, it is your prerogative. However, you have to remember that AmoLatina’s main concern is your safety and this is why the site advises against it.

AmoLatina recommends to keep all communications on site, so they could protect you from phishing and scams. However, if you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, you may request your match’s personal information through AmoLatina’s customer service. You can learn more about this here.

Hopefully, you now know how safe and secure AmoLatina is. If you’re interested in signing up with the site, go to

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