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2018-11-7 12:56:18
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How to Strengthen Your Online Relationship Through Conflict

Are you fighting a little too much?

Having an online relationship has its own unique set of challenges. You will find yourself fighting a lot over everything from unreturned calls to lack of security in the relationship. These fights are absolutely normal and even expected when there is distance involved.

If you have the right outlook, you can turn the recurrent conflict into tools to strengthen your relationship. How?
By fighting the right way. Here are seven tips that should help you in this case.

How to strengthen intimacy even when you’re fighting

Let it all out; no matter how much it hurts

Fights are usually very emotional whether it is over major or seemingly insignificant issues. It is important to be completely and unapologetically honest about exactly what you feel in such situations. Let your partner know what they have done, how it makes you feel and how you wish they acted. That does not imply that they have to do what you say but getting to speak your truth allows you to enjoy some major emotional relief.

Fight before you have to fight

Think of it as pre-fighting. That is where you get all your anger and frustration out before you reach your boiling point. It allows you to get your points across when you are calmer and more rational. Just be careful not to cause a fight while trying to prevent one.

It’s ok to sweat the small stuff

There is no such thing as an issue too small or insignificant to fight about. If something is making you unhappy, then you have every right to complain and make a fuss about it. It is a part of being in a relationship. It allows your partner to understand exactly what it is you expect and puts them in a better position to deliver. That is particularly important with online relationships where lack of physical proximity makes it difficult to deduce such expectations.

Never hit below the belt

Always fight clean if you want your conflict to strengthen the relationship. Keep things civil – it shows that you respect your partner and even though you are fighting you still love them.

Leave no conflict unresolved

With online dating and long distance relationships, there is a tendency to go the agree-to-disagree route when things get tough. It does nothing to help your relationship. Whenever possible, resolve all conflicts. Otherwise, it will just crop up later as a bigger and even harder to slay the monster.

Follow these tips for Healthy Communication in LDRs.

Talk to each other; even when you don’t want to

The silent treatment will be the undoing of your online relationship. Remember that there is distance involved, so your partner has no idea where you are or what you are doing at this time. So even when you are going through a rough patch make sure to check in on each other. It will help make your relationship stronger.

Give each other some space

While being in each other’s faces does have its benefits it is important to get some distance. I know what you are thinking; how much more distance do you need given the LDR status of your relationship? Space allows you both to cool off so you can address your issues more rationally.

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