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Tips for Improving a Tired Looking Website

It is no secret that an online audience only has an attention span of 8-10 seconds. Therefore, if your website is not instantly appealing to a viewer, they will quickly lose interest and move on to another website.

A website cannot succeed solely due to its content. It must also appeal to a user’s senses and overall experience. This means that if your site is plain, complicated or uninteresting, you are bound to have trouble trying to get people to stay on your website for more than a few seconds.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to improve a tired looking website. Below, we’ve come up with 5 important tips that can take your website from the bottom of the barrel to the top of a Google search page.

Create a Plan

The first step to improving your website is to create a plan. This involves understanding why your users are visiting your site, as well as where you want them to go. Remember that you always want your website to be answering a customer’s question or solving their problems. To do this, you must learn what your customers are looking for and create a plan that will solve their problem.

Improve Site Navigation

Nothing loses a user’s attention faster than a website that is hard to navigate. Make sure that your website is mapped out properly and that it’s easy for users to find their way around. This includes simplifying your website’s menu and making sure that users are not overwhelmed with unorganized content when they first land on your site.

Add Social Buttons

Social media can be an excellent way to generate traffic. Therefore, if your website lacks social sharing buttons, you could be missing out on an enormous amount of free traffic. Make sure that people who visit your website can share it with their friends through social media.

Improve Images

Make sure that the images on your website are relevant to the content that your site is providing. After all, there is no point in having pictures of ducks or geese on a website that sells umbrellas. Ideally, you only want to include images that promote trust in your company and show real people using your products or services.

Create an SEO Strategy

How are you ever going to create an authority site if users cannot find your page? By creating and following a solid SEO strategy, you will be able to attract users that are looking for your company or product, as opposed to users who are simply browsing.


By following these tips and tricks, you should easily be able to improve an old, tired looking website. While these tips alone are not guaranteed to make your website any better, they will go a long way in making it more enjoyable for your followers.

Lastly, if you are still having trouble with your website, your best bet might be to hire a professional web designer. Web designers are knowledgeable in creating websites that appeal to an online audience. Therefore, with the help of a professional web designer, you should have no problem creating a quality website that attracts viewers, keeps them engaged and eventually, converts them into customers.

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