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How to Take the Worst Portraits Youve Taken in Your Life2018-8-6 04:25:10 Every photographers takes portraits that they don't like, and these are often your worst portraits. Let's be honest here, you... Paul Decker2018-6-20 19:52:15 Hi I Paul Decker,32 years old from Arizona,AZ,USA,working on 3D animation from the last 4 years.Here I am sharing tips about ... 00:52:23 — Jacob (@Jacob11204453) June 22, 2018 from Twitter : Article Sourc... 00:52:23 States Can Force Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax: Supreme Court2018-6-22 17:44:12 Camera gear is about to get more expensive for most online shoppers in the United States. The Supreme Court just ruled that s... The Intrepid 45 Mk 3 Large Format Camera Gets a Minor Update2018-6-22 17:44:12 A few years ago, the Intrepid 4x5 camera went to Kickstarter to get crowd funded. Now, the camera is in its third version and... Useful Photography Tip #184: How to Find the ISO Button of Most Cameras in the Dark2018-6-22 17:44:12 Want more Useful Photography Tips? Click here. You’re in a bind; you’re in a dark place and you’re trying to find the ISO but... Are You Now Watching Your Favorite Photographers and Creatives on IGTV?2018-6-22 17:44:12 With the recent launch of IGTV, Instagram is gearing itself up to be more than just a platform for sharing and checking out v... Shooting Wedding Photos on the Little Troll Tongue in Norway2018-6-22 17:44:13 I did it. The photo I have had in my mind for almost two years was finally taken, and I’m proud of the result. Liv Johanne an... This is the Milky Way Photographed in a Crystal Ball2018-6-22 17:44:13 Photographer and astronomer Juan Carlos Munoz was browsing a flea market in Santiago, Chile, a few days ago when he stumbled ... Crying Toddler in Iconic Photo Never Separated from Mother2018-6-22 17:44:13 One of the most talked about photos in the ongoing immigration debate has been Getty Images photographer John Moore’s iconic ... 10 Things I Learned from Irving Penn2018-6-22 17:44:14 Irving Penn is either the best or second best portrait photographer of all time. Depending on the day, he’s either ahead of o... Buzz Aldrin Shot the First Space Selfie in 19662018-6-22 18:09:12 Decades before the word “selfie” exploded into popular culture, NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin shot the first space selfie while ... This Sensor Can Stop a Drones Rotor in 0.077 Seconds to Save Your Finger2018-6-22 18:33:06 The rotors on camera drones can do serious damage to human flesh if the two come in contact. Researchers are working on a new... The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photographers2018-6-22 18:58:13 It’s becoming harder to get the entire image sharp with the constantly wider lenses and more extreme foregrounds that are use... Essentials: Recommendations For The Mirrorless Camera Portrait Photographer2018-6-23 04:32:22 Portrait photography is often a reason for many people to initially get into photography. Be that for taking portraits of the... How to Develop C-41 Film in Your Bathroom2018-6-23 16:47:14 Here’s a 16.5-minute video by OWL BOT in which photographer Omar Kenji demonstrates how you can develop C-41 color film in yo... Adobe Using AI to Spot Photoshopped Photos2018-6-23 20:17:07 Adobe’s software has been widely used for many years now as a tool to create fake photos, but now the company is developing s...
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