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How To Throw The Perfect Tailgate Party No Truck Required

Tailgating is that great, all American pastime. Many fans love the thrill of spending time outdoors with others. If you are thinking about throwing this kind of party, you’ll want to do it right, from the jump. This means careful advanced planning and consideration of the circumstances of the party at least several days before you begin (or the night before- come on am I right?).
It helps to think about specifics. You should plan a menu, think about who’s coming with you and how everyone’s going to eat their food. It also means making sure you get the details right so you can celebrate your favorite team in true style.

Planning a Menu

One of the most important parts of any tailgate plan is the right kind of menu. You want to think about foods that you know everyone will love. You also want to think about the ages of the people who are coming to your party. For example, small children often have different tastes than adults. They tend to like food that is less hot and more mild. Another person in your party may be allergic to certain ingredients.
You want them to be able to eat anything you make. Your menu should include at least several courses. This way, everyone can find something they like best. It’s a good idea to think about appetizers, the main course, desserts and drinks. You might start with a few types of appetizers such as hot wings, chips and dips and then some sliced, blanched vegetables. After that, the main course such as chili, burgers and grilled chicken brings the party to life. Make dessert special with a homemade cake or some cupcakes. The Pepperidge Farm outlet store can provide you and your guests with all sorts of wonderful baked goods including the buns for any hamburgers and hot dogs as well as various types of dessert cookies.

Offering Drinks

Another fabulous part of any tailgating party are a selection of drinks. Chilled wines from Nissley Wine Shop makes it easier than ever to pick out the perfect brew. Think about other kinds of drinks as well. Lemonade is cheery and inviting. Fall makes the perfect time to bring out the hot cider and pair it with cinnamon sticks and honey. If you’re serving a large crowd, you can offer other types of drinks for all ages. Chilled soft drinks offer sweet flavors just right on a crisp autumn day. Flavored seltzers are good for those who are watching their weight but want something with a kick.

Plates and Other Items

You want to make it easy for your guests to enjoy your food. The right plates & silverware and other items are essential. Allow at least two forks, knives and spoons per person. Bring a stack of paper and plastic plates with you. If you’re serving something like chili, you’ll also need to have bowls on hand. A cooler is also useful as it keeps your drinks cold. Even on a cold day, drinks and other items can get hot quickly as they sit in the sun. When you have a cooler with you, you have a way to keep your hot foods and your cold foods at the right temperature all game long. The Pottery Barn outlet has lots of places to find the right home decor to wow your guests.

Wear It With Pride

Your tailgate party should include lots of ways to cheer on your favorite team as the game continues on. Stop by our Eagles store or if you are more into the terrible towel head over to Steel City Sports, to rep your team. As the weather turns colder caps keep your head warm and tell everyone which team you like best.

Decorating Your Car

Part of the huge fun of having a party is decorating your car. Look for items in the same colors as your team. You can line the interior with plush blankets and throw blankets from Orvis for everyone else to share. You can bring out footballs for your guests so you can all play along with your team as the game continues.

A Place to Sit

Everyone should have a place to sit and celebrate. Convenient, durable navy outdoor folding sports chairs from Kirkland offer lots of ways to give your guests a place to sit as the game goes on. Proper advanced party planning will make every one of your guests happy.

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