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2018-10-8 18:17:20
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The Hottest Runway Looks For Womens Fall 2018

Grab These Hot Runway Looks- Fall Fashion Trends for Women

Summer is long gone and it’s that time of the year where everyone is reaching for those pumpkin spice lattes: fall is officially here. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with this season’s best fashion offerings, we’ve got you covered.

And what better place to find inspiration than the runway itself? If there’s anything we can learn from the Fall 2018 fashion shows, it’s that trends are always shifting. Perhaps this is one of the most interesting seasons of all because designers are being even bolder and braver with their choices.

The beginning of this cold season encourages designers to take more risks and introduce their unique visions. We can tell by the emerging trends that most of these risks paid off.

Look gorgeous this season by rocking the top 5 fall fashion trends for women:

1. The ‘80s


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The ‘80s make a comeback as older trends resurface and dominate the runways this season. It’s all about short dresses, electric-hued animal prints, and oversized suits!

It’s a grand return for one of the most divisive style decades in history. Balenciaga showed off their neon floral prints while Gucci displayed their ‘80s prom dresses. It’s the kind of throwback that will take everyone on a journey through time.

2. Neon Colors


Speaking of neon prints, this is one of the most evident trends this season. Either you’re in a crowd or you’re with your fashionable friends, you will surely stand out. The runways came to life with a splash of neon colors that shows just how crazy you can get with your choices this season.

Brandon Maxwell’s vibrant shade of electric yellow on a traditional gown displays the fun energy that neon colors create.

Also try wearing hot pink, fuchsia, power reds, and subtle silvers. These are the staples in the color department these days. It’s all people are gonna be wearing.

3. Velvets


After completely dominating the runways last fall, velvet is making a comeback. This is great news for women who love velvet’s luxurious vibe. But instead of going for that soft millennial pink, try out some jewel-tone velvets to improve your look: keep an eye out for rick blues, greens, and reds.

Pair your velvet cami with a leather jacket for that perfect night-out look.

4. Plaid and Simple

This season isn’t just about making bold statements. Like we said, it’s all about taking risks. And sometimes, taking the simpler route is the best way to stand out.

What do Christian Dior, Michael Kors, and Versace have in common? They all managed to show off how well plaid works this season by leaning into pink, yellow, and orange plaid designs.

5. Cozy and Stylish

Puffy coats and huge scarves are not only cute, they are also built for maximum comfort. It just so happens that functionality and fashion go hand in hand this fall. Wear your soft knit sweater with a nice pair of slacks and you’ll see how versatile this trend is.

Match your scarves with one of your warm winter dresses and you’re all set!

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