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Halloween Thrill-Seekers Beware: The Top 3 Most Haunted Houses in Lancaster PA

It’s that time of the year again: the spookiest season is about to begin.

And while Halloween is all about the costumes, the tricks, and the treats, there’s always room for more activities. If you’re a feeling brave and you’re spending some time in Lancaster, PA, grab your friends and get ready for a spine-chilling adventure.

Here we’re listing some of the most fun haunted houses in Lancaster, PA. This isn’t just for the horror enthusiasts: these places are rich in history, and you’ll learn a lot of things about Lancaster, PA along the way.

So prepare your flashlights and put on your costumes—we’re going ghost hunting!

The Top 3 Haunted Houses in Lancaster, PA

Many places around the country have plenty of ghost stories to tell. It’s a part of the culture. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, history has a way of leaving its mark on the present day. It’s always something that is fun to explore.

1. Rock Ford Plantation


Rock Ford Plantation is known for being the home of General Edward Hand, close personal friend of George Washington. He was also an Adjutant General during the American Revolution.

But Rock Ford Plantation is still making a splash in this modern era because of reports of paranormal activity. Some claim that footsteps can be heard in empty rooms, and strange knocking sounds are heard coming from the walls.

Visitors often claim to see apparitions around the property. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you: the plantation offers guided tours seasonally for those who are hoping to encounter these “residents” themselves. Look out for a girl in period clothing—they say she is often seen standing in the door of the Blue Parlor, watching guests.

Mist-like figures and spirits won’t stop the most curious individuals. Edward, his wife Kathleen, and their daughter Margaret all died in the house and in 1807, their eldest son John Hand committed suicide in there.

But if you’re only interested in the architecture or history of Rock Ford Plantation, you’ll enjoy it all the same.

2. Haldeman Mansion

The Haldeman Mansion dates all the way back to the 1700s and is widely regarded as one of the most haunted mansions in PA. Different spirits are said to reside in this place, and there have been plenty of reported sightings over the years.

Probably the most notable of these is the spirit of an English woman who is usually accompanied by the scent of rosewater. Visit this mansion and you may hear strange sounds like singing or humming in empty rooms.

Locals claim that more than 90 unmarked graves were uncovered on the property while workmen were installing underground plumbing. That certainly explains a few things.

3. Railroad House Inn

Nowadays, the Railroad House Inn is one of Lancaster’s most popular restaurants. It dates all the way back to the 1820s, and it just so happens to be one of the most haunted houses in Lancaster.

Many believe that it is haunted by a number of different spirits, the most “popular” of which is the ghost of a young blonde girl dressed in Victorian style clothing.

The restaurant staff says she loves to play games with the living. They have seen objects moving on their own, and have found utensils scattered all over the room.

Guests will frequently complain about unexplained cold spots and uncomfortable feelings. Apparitions are also a common sight, apparently.

The infamous Room 6 and the tavern are said to be “hotspots” of paranormal activity, leaving guests feeling like they are not alone.

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