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Back To School Shopping Trends & Deals 2018

The Shops @Rockvale are offering the best deals for back to school fashion perfect for men, women, and children!

Who says you can’t go to school in style?

Here at The Shops @Rockvale, we’re always keeping up with the newest, coolest, and most fashion-forward trends to keep you looking good. With the number of stores to choose from, your appetite for fashion will surely be satisfied. Your schoolmates will be left speechless!

2018 Trends-Keep It Movin’. Lancaster PA’s Back To School Shopping Destination For The Best Clothing Deals. More Than Just Outlet Shopping!

And because 2017 introduced some cool and flirty-bold trends, we’re not going that road anymore. 2018 is all about exploring different styles and showing the world who you really are—through the most interesting clothes and accessories available! In a word- its about progression in fashion, but also THROWBACK styles.

Here we’ll give you a rundown of some of the latest back to school trends to flaunt your personal style.

Back to School Fashion for Boys-Young Men

Teenage boys and men alike don’t have to shy away from fashion anymore. Whether they are aiming for maximum swag or just wanting to look classier, there are plenty of fashionable options. Just remember that you don’t have to settle for just plain t-shirts and straight cut jeans.

There are ways to look stylish while staying comfortable: accessorize with a white cap, and sneakers to create that casual, sporty look. Having skinny blue jeans paired with white sneakers is a simple way to give off that confident vibe.

This year, having shirts tied around your waist is a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

And don’t shy away from your floral prints: men can rock these outfits and look stylish too.

For the best deals on men’s back to school apparel, visit The Shops @Rockvale and try these stores: Van Heusen, Orvis Outlet, Puma for that casual athletic look, and Steel City Sports.

Back to School Fashion for Girls & Young Women
For the ladies, it’s all about bold mixed prints and throwback looks these days: just mix it up. Better yet, go for floral prints and let your style give off that fresh summer vibe- even if summer is slowly fading away.

For accessories, berets and statement earrings are making a surprisingly grand comeback. Berets are cute, classy, and easy to wear. You can take any look from bland to bold.

Looking to jump in on that brand logo trend? 90’s branded sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts are in style too! Visit these stores: Alfred Dunner, New York & Co, and Christopher and Banks. They provide high quality apparel for women.

Back to School Fashion for Kids

Your kids probably aren’t too concerned about fashion- or are they? There are plenty of options out there that can make dressing up fun for them too!

This season, animal-themed outfits are in, and there are so many printed shirts available that feature your child’s favorite animal. If you’re looking for something more versatile or casual, try plaid patterns. Your kids can wear it all the way into the holidays! They never really go out of style.

If you shop at Crazy 8, you’ll surely go crazy over their low prices and stylish offers for boys and girls! You can also try Carter’s, or the ever child-friendly brand, Disney Store. Also check out-

Your kids will love wearing these styles back to school.

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