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Lillian Heiman
Drones to one day swarm WA crops: innovator2019-8-30 12:42:28 Stratus Imaging operations manager and chief pilot Andrew Dedman with a Xaircraft drone at TECHSPO Flying up to five drones a... uAvionix ProfiCNC and HEX announce ADS-B IN capability for The Cube Autopilot2019-5-25 16:55:19 uAvionix, designer and manufacturer of communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) equipment for unmanned and manned a... Time to move forward2019-5-31 13:03:43 Hi gang What can I say? Time passes, progress does not stop. And I finally switched to complex composite structures in my pla... ILS for copter2019-6-1 13:03:12 The recently released Version 3.2 of my GCS FlightZoomer offers an automatic approach system, that is similar to the ILS for ... Advantages and disadvantages of Ebee2019-6-2 12:40:07 There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the ebee drone for sale, focus on is buy or not, So let’s analyze the advantage... IKEA Time Travel Experiment Viral Videos2019-6-2 12:40:07 Funny Viral Video Series Makes You Wonder! The viral video series that is coming out of IKEA lately is quite funny you seriou... New Draco development platform for Dronecode/PX4 with Realsense sensors2019-6-3 12:40:06 Features and benefits• Modular partso Easy-to-replace powertrain. No more soldering hassles.• Fully assembled and ready-to-fl... Hybrid drone video with the new 2000W hybrid generator.2019-6-4 12:35:23 This was one of the tests on our heavy drone (14+ kg). We plan to sell the generator separately and also a complete hybrid dr... Window Washer Superheroes2019-6-4 12:35:26 There are two professions that might seem to have absolutely no connection, but when you look at them a little deeper, they’r... Drone Charter on Equal Opportunity and Inclusion2019-6-7 12:23:21 Local drone experts, entrepreneurs and engineers from 23 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania have signed thi... A comparison of VTOL mapping drones2019-6-8 12:40:06 For some time now, VTOL drones have entered the field of aerial mapping. These Vertical Takeoff and Landing drones offer the ... AEROMAPPERS ACHIEVE COMPLIANT UAV STATUS with TRANSPORT CANADA2019-6-9 12:40:13 Aeromao from Canada is pleased to announce that the Aeromappers line of commercial grade drones have been added to the list o... XAG Launched New Generation Agricultural IoT System to Build Traceability and Further Ensure Food Safety2019-6-11 12:28:07 December 2018, GUANGZHOU China – XAG’s Research and Development Center in Guangzhou officially released the “XAG Agricultural... Drone Travel 1012019-6-12 12:28:03 My recent exposure into the world of drones has led me to using my 30 years of aviation experience to teach UAV ground school... Open Source Chevy Volt Project2019-6-16 12:36:20 Well guys it’s been a while! I own a Chevy Volt now and I just cant wait to fiddle with it! LOL so I started a Group on Faceb... Mining & Aggregates Survey Results2019-6-19 12:31:05 Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, today announced the results of the industry’s first mi... Unusual Solvers Competition on Drones/AI: Over $200K in prizes2019-6-20 12:37:21 Dear All, We’ve just launched an international competition in partnership with the Omidyar Network and would very much value ... PX4/Dronecode Developer Conference full house today in Zurich2019-6-21 12:37:11 More than 200 attendees at our first PX4 developer summit in Zurich! Nearly 600 developers are now contributing to the projec...
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