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Apple iPhone 6 Battery Connector Repair Video2017-11-22 13:14:14 are one of the most established phone and tablet repair specialists in the UK. In addition, we operate one of the m... Amber Scott Technology News2016-7-18 22:49:26 Trump DNC RNC Flunk Email Security Test2016-7-26 00:06:30 Donald J. Trump has repeatedly bashed Sen. Hillary Clinton for handling classified documents on her private email server, sug... Kimpton Hotels Probes Card Breach Claims2016-7-26 17:17:18 Kimpton Hotels, a boutique hotel brand that includes 62 properties across the United States, said today it is investigating r... Would You Use This ATM?2016-7-28 20:56:05 One basic tenet of computer security is this: If you can’t vouch for a networked thing’s physical security, you cannot also v... Social Security Administration Now Requires Two-Factor Authentication2016-8-1 16:15:08 The U.S. Social Security Administration announced last week that it will now require a cell phone number from all Americans w... The Reincarnation of a Bulletproof Hoster2016-8-5 17:29:47 In April 2016, security firm Trend Micro published a damning report about a Web hosting provider referred to only as a “cyber... Data Breach At Oracles MICROS Point-of-Sale Division2016-8-8 16:43:46 A Russian organized cybercrime group known for hacking into banks and retailers appears to have breached hundreds of computer... Got Microsoft? Time to Patch Your Windows2016-8-10 03:07:46 Microsoft churned out a bunch of software updates today fix some serious security problems with Windows and other Microsoft p... Road Warriors: Beware of Video Jacking2016-8-11 16:43:37 A little-known feature of many modern smartphones is their ability to duplicate video on the device’s screen so that it also ... Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Phone this Summer2016-8-11 18:14:22 It’s summertime and that means our annual trek to warmer climates on holiday to top up our tans on the beach and take a relax... Visa Alert and Update on the Oracle Breach2016-8-13 20:53:51 Credit card industry giant Visa on Friday issued a security alert warning companies using point-of-sale devices made by Oracl... SSA: Ixnay on txt msg reqmnt 4 e-acct sry2016-8-16 16:20:00 The U.S. Social Security Administration says it is reversing a newly enacted policy that required a cell phone number from al... Nominated for What Mobile Award Please Vote for Us!2016-8-18 18:58:22 are delighted and proud to have been nominated for the prestigious 2016 What Mobile Award for Best Service and Repa... Massive Email Bombs Target .Gov Addresses2016-8-18 20:18:32 Over the weekend, unknown assailants launched a massive cyber attack aimed at flooding targeted dot-gov (.gov) email inboxes ... Malware Infected All Eddie Bauer Stores in U.S. Canada2016-8-18 23:33:49 Clothing store chain Eddie Bauer said today it has detected and removed malicious software from point-of-sale systems at all ... A Life or Death Case of Identity Theft?2016-8-24 01:59:07 Identity thieves have perfected a scam in which they impersonate existing customers at retail mobile phone stores, pay a smal... United Airlines Sets Minimum Bar on Security2016-8-24 17:40:02 United Airlines has rolled out a series of updates to its Web site that the company claims will help beef up the security of ...
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